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Are you talking to me?

“I hate Facebook.”

These words are music to my ears. These are the words of a potential client – someone who is on Facebook, knows it takes a lot of time, and hasn’t seen a return on the time they spend there on their business. With a small tweak to their strategy, I can usually turn their experience around.

Or let them forget that they have a Facebook page at all, except when someone comes in and tell them about something they posted.

The reason that Facebook takes so much time if a business wants to see a return is that you have to use it like the users do. You have to look at everyone else’s posts. You have to join in conversations on those posts. You have to care about others. Then, and ONLY then, should you post on your own page.

You have to talk with people, not at them.

Here are a couple samples. Even on previously successful pages you can see where the page stopped talking “at” and started talking “with” the fans.

Remember that the people who see your posts on Facebook have taken the time to “like” you. They are fans. They’ve allowed you to invade their precious newsfeed space and take up part of their day. Are you going to repay that trust by talking about yourself without regard for their interests? This is your chance to make your business stronger by focusing on them.

Your customer.

This isn’t hard to do, but it does take time. If you’re interested in getting this task off your desk while connecting on a more personal level with your customers, let’s talk. About you.