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Beware the Social Media Expert

Check any of my six email addresses and you’ll find articles written about the latest trend in social media, marketing, tourism or design. I’ve got no problem at all with learning on a daily basis. I spend a lot of my working day trying to stay up to date.


The problem with social media “experts” is that they profess a level of knowledge that just isn’t possible within the industry. It isn’t old enough. The changes happen to quickly. And you have to question just to what, exactly, their expertise pertains. Is it the technology? Because knowing how to post and share and disseminate doesn’t do anything for your consumer.

The only person who is an expert on your customer is…your customer. And, maybe if you’ve been paying close attention, you.

For social media success it is important to be an expert on your community of consumers and a student of the technology that connects you.